This is the core service identity of the firm. We provide the full scope of architectural services either as a comprehensive service or as stage by stage appointments under the following work stages:

    • Inception

    • Concept and Viability

    • Design Development

    • Documentation and Procurement

    • Construction Administration

    • Close out and Project Hand over.


    Design Responses at a large scale require refined understanding of challenges and issues at a complex and layered level. Our team has the essential academic qualifications and background to provide urban and spatial design expertise. This service is provided by the company in the following options:


    • Consultancy:

    To carry out urban design work at micro and macro environments for spaces in the urban or built environment.

    • Research or feasibility:

    To explore viability and prepare proposals for urban interventions.


    We provide this service as a principal agent or project manager on projects. With an experienced background in the built environment, we offer a variety of project management services that include planning, construction and operational management.

    We develop strategies for every aspect of a projects execution from conception to implementation and delivery. We diligently work to deliver our projects within the three assets of Time, Budget and Quality.


    We carry out interior design work for existing buildings that require interior renovations or as part of new building proposals. Along with this, the company is affiliated with interior design consultants and can extend interior design influence right up to furniture design.

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